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Welcome to mtbRevolution.com. We are a specialize in Xeccon's mid to high-end products. This mid-range LED light products manufacturer is class leading because of their high calibre designs, manufacturing, high quality control, service and warranty back up. There is no other brand as solidly backed as Xeccon.

At mtbRevolution, we are avid supporters and fans of Dusk 2 Dawn or 24 hour mountain bike racing. We've sponsored endurance racing riders like Jason Lee, Catherine Wood, Guy Frail and Peter Selkrig who challenged themselves at events like Scott, The Mont and world events like WEMBO. Wunderkid Guy has since moved on to the world stage training and racing in Europe. We saw his potential when he first moved from motorized dirt bikes to mtb XC racing. We are proud to have sponsored him at the beginning of his racing career. Peter is the racing nut who challenges himself like no other cyclist known, bar none. Check out his racing engagements and achievements. There is no place in the world he won't go to for a good race. And if the race require's lighting, it will be his trusty Spiker 1211 and Sogn 900.

While Xeccon LED bike lights have grown to a few sellers and distributors in Australia, we still command the specialized mtb racing section with special lights. We give advise on beam pattern, runtimes and even lighting strategies because we test, use and understand our products. We also offer the best lighting solution to your needs whether it's night road riding, trail riding or just commuting to and back from work. Lights ain't lights when you do your research. This is why we try to classify lights according to their beam pattern and performance. Contact us if unsure and we'll explain why we think some lights may or may not work for you.

Our office in China generally responsible for worldwide deliveries. They cover the globe. We also run mtbr.com specials for lithium batteries and limited light sets for the USA market. These items are despatched from Westminster, Colorado. In Australia, we offer free overnight shipping. mtbRevolution has been fulfilling demand for quality batteries to power branded to generic lightheads for the past few years and we continue to support those who are new to night riding. 

Impressive additions for 2106 includes the Xeccon Z10 with XHP50 - the brightest LED from Cree yet. The dual LED Z11 also debuts in mid-January 2016. Also in the line up is the Strek 600 - an StVZO road compliant commuter light and a host of USB rechargeable tail lights. These lights will be reviewed at mtbr.com night riding forum and others. Having experienced reviewers and electronic engineers poke and probe the new offerings is the ultimate assurance you get from this innovative brand. 


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