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mtbRevolution is transitioning to a Xeccon support website for authorized dealers and sellers. We will also be here to support consumers  with questions on products and where to buy. We will have a list of sellers in this website soon.

Over the coming weeks we will start depleting excess products and move to full display of all Xeccon products listed as MSRP. The shopping cart feature of this website will be disabled.  This means the consumer will not be able buy from mtbrevolution.com anymore but we tell you where to buy Xeccon’s hi-calibre engineered lights from.

We will also be continuing our passion supporting to 24 hour racing. So write to us if you have the thighs and can take extreme acid burn.

We are fastidiously working on a full range of new exciting products which will be released soon. For now, the Zeta 1300 and Zeta 1600 is available on top of the other great products in our line up.


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