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Welcome to We deal primarily in Xeccon products because of their high calibre designs, manufacturing, high quality control, service and warranty back up. There is no other brand as solidly backed as Xeccon. When searching Bike Lights Australia or Bicycle Lights, you will see Xeccon bike lights ranking higher on Google with more results from bike light forums from around the world. Xeccon is gaining popularity in commuter bike lighting, road riding lights, mountain & trail night riding and especially Dusk 2 Dawn or 24 hour mountain bike racing. mtbRevolution sponsors endurance racing riders like Jason Lee, Catherine Wood, Guy Frail and Peter Selkrig who challenged themselves at Scott 25 and WEMBO 2013. Customers who raced at WEMBO also posted quick night laps. Racing development is the ultimate test of any equipment. They get battered and bruised so to speak. Through racing we learn and develop better products for the future. Our current arsenal for night racing is the Xeccon S12 Two or Spiker 1211 and Sogn 900, wired and wireless versions. This combination provides the optimum beam pattern, brightness, weight and runtime ratio.

Xeccon LED bike lights in Australia is represented by Our office in China is responsible for our worldwide deliveries. They cover USA, Australia, northern and eastern Europe including Russia. While shipping Li-ion batteries has been challenging of late, we have little trouble sending lithium-ion as a complete set. Average International transit times eight working days. We also run specials for lithium batteries and limited light sets for the USA market. These items are despatched from Westminster, Colorado.  In Australia, we offer free overnight shipping with our bike lights and bicycle light accessories to cities like Canberra ACT, Sydney NSW, Perth WA, Brisbane QLD, Adelaide SA, Darwin NT & Hobart TAS. We truly understand you want your purchases in the shortest time humanly possible. Independent reviews and feedback in this website and Australian mountain bike forums like perthmtb, nswmtb, ambc, rotorburn amoungst others confirm we do not delay getting the new bike light sets or warranty replacements out to our customers.

mtbRevolution is active in forums like in the Night Riding forum. Xeccon's high powered LED bike lights are independently reviewed in this forum by real users for honest unbiased review and feedback. They are also reviewed in Bikeforums and other independent reviewers around the world. There are no salesmen trying to sell you stock they want to get rid of. We offer the best lighting solution to your needs whether it's night road riding, trail riding or just commuting to and back from work. Lights ain't lights when you do your research. This is why we try to classify lights according to their beam pattern and performance. Contact us if unsure and we'll explain why we think some lights may or may not work for you.

Xeccon's impressive range of bike lights begin with the classic S Series which includes the S12 and S14. The Xeccon S12 is the most amazing helmet light anyone will come across. The light throw on this light head is nothing short of phenomenal. Not only has it been improved from the original Cree XM-L T6 version, at mtbRevolution we are granted exclusive specifications for improved racing performance. The Cree XM-L2 T6 warm tint emitter is one of the latest upgrades. Xeccon is the first to apply these amazing emitters since April 2013. The Spiker series pushed design, efficiency and thermal management benchmarks. The Geinea series size, weight and brightness standards not seen before. The Geinea I rear with it's XP-E2 LED shatters bicycle light industry brightness benchmark. The Geinea II is Xeccon's latest bike light in addition to the Nemo series of certified dive lights. These add to Xeccon's unassailable high performance and reliability reputation.


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