Xeccon Sogn 900 Bike Light with Wireless Remote Control

Xeccon Sogn 900 Bike Light with Wireless Remote Control
Xeccon Sogn 900 Bike Light with Wireless Remote Control Xeccon Sogn 900 Bike Light with Wireless Remote Control Xeccon Sogn 900 Bike Light with Wireless Remote Control Xeccon Sogn 900 Bike Light with Wireless Remote Control
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With wireless technology becoming the new normal, the Sogn 900 wireless is now priced just below mid-range bike lights.

Xeccon's design elements incorporating componentry with latest technology are evident with all Xeccon products. Runtime of about 4 hours with a standard Samsung 7800mAh battery with "MS type" 5.5 x 2.1DC connectors. 

Xeccon Sogn's form factor and thermal management design, build quality of the light and battery, solid alloy mount and dual switching makes it a very desireable light.

Equipped with 2 x Cree XM-L2 LED emitter   |   Output Colour: Neutral White   |   Twin mini mirror-finish reflector cups   |   Estimated nominal lumens: 1200+   |   Dual switch: wireless remote & on light head   |   Fitted with alloy mount with updated shims & silicone washers   |    Water Resistant Design and Construction   |  

Xeccon Samsung 6 x 18650 7800mAh Li-ion battery   | Cells used: Samsung ICR18650 26F   |   Nominal voltage: 7.4v   |     Charging voltage: 8.4v   |    Australian Standards, MEPS & C-Tick 8.4V 2A charger    |   Xeccon 8.4V 1A charger for international destinations   |  

Color indicators on switch panels are calibrated to stable voltage. This means readings are only accurate when light is turned OFF while connected to the battery. Green: 100>70%. Blue: 70>40%. Red: 40>10%. Flashing Red < 10%. IMPORTANT NOTE: High voltage draw from powerful multi LED lights creates voltage sag and skews indicator readings when light is on. This should not be taken as true reading as Runtime Test Guide below demonstrates.

Estimated Runtime on Hi - 4h 15m

Sogn 900 light head with wireless remote   |   Hard or Soft shell Samsung 7800mAh Li-ion battery   |   Approved chargers - pins country of destination dependent   |   Camlock mount with 2 extra rubber shims for standard to oversized bars   |   Manual   |   Carry case   | Outer packaging box   |  

This item is available for Australia, United States, UK, most of Europe and other destinations. Free Australia-wide overnight delivery via Toll Priority. For US, UK, EU and most others, we offer free delivery for order over USD100. Shipping via SwissPost or equivalent. This mode takes longer than expedited carriers like DHL, Toll Global etc. To use expedited or express shipping please select the $15 shipping option on Checkout. Delivery will be within 10 working days.

Runtime Test Guide and Charge Time Guides are test done by representatives of mtbRevolution. Results from these test are approximate indication of what each light and/or battery in our website can perform to under controlled conditions. These controlled conditions are ambient temperature of 20°C ± 3°C with airflow equivalent to 10 km/h. Test results published may vary depending on factors regarding age & condition of product and ambient surroundings

Front & rear LED bike lights in this website are high powered & extremely bright LEDs. Majority of these lights are meant for night mountain bike trail riding or 24 hour mtb cross country racing. High brightness settings must NEVER be used in built up urban areas in the night. Strobes can be used for daytime riding safety. Please use and ride responsibly

Night trail riding is fun & safe provided care and precautions are taken. Nonetheless it is still an inherently dangerous activity by definition compared to walking the dog with a little torch. Riders must be attentive and ride according to their skillset.One light set is enough for commuting or road riding but for mountain biking or trail riding, two sets are required for extra light, redundancy and most of all personal safety.

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